Beautiful Alchemy – Nick Von K, New Zealand #video

When I was in NZ last year I met Nick Von K., designer of accessories for people with awesome lifestyles.

Heaps of rad things. I browsed the collection and picked out this super sharp claw; silver cast eagle claw on silver chain. It will cut you.

He just created a this video for his new line Beauful Alchemy. He told me “the film is about transformation; how when inspired, you can be transformed, and your inspiration can take new forms and take on a life of its own.” I like this idea. The video does have one boob shot in it, this is your NSFW warning.

I would seriously love to own/give you all of these pieces. There are no stockists in Canada yet but I would LOVE to see some, at least one right here in Toronto.

This is Nick, you can find him on Twitter or at

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