i teenage dreamed about you last night.

The money shot.

I love this camera so much. Thank you Olympus.

Katy Perry makes me happy.

Play this. Gonna make you happy too.

John Legend – Rolling In The Deep (Prod. By Skeet Skeet & Turbotito) by skeet skeet

Here it is from the show last night. Skeet Skeet baby, mama likes you.

Decided to wear the cute little sequin bodysuit with tutu & fringe from The Australian’s shop. I love this outfit.

Statue of glittery awesome.

I love her mostly cause she’s living my teenage dream. The stage, the outfits, the glitter, the sequins, travel, dancing, the life looks fun & I like it.


Her outfits, the performing, the glitter and sequins, balloons & big fluffy clouds, candy and fun dance moves. Clearly things I like.

The show was very Alice in Wonderlandish with a Katy Perry candy, glitter twist, some meat and a butcher.

Yesterday was a crazy day. Was blog spotted on the street then again at Cobra x 2. Nice job from my babes at Z-List for putting on a good afterparty.

DJ Skeet Skeet aka @skeetonmytwitts. I didn’t realise at the time that HE was the same dude I was Tweetin’ with last year, telling him to home to Toronto etc. He had a great Halloween costume inspiration once.

Good show. Great fun with friends! Had a blast with Brent Winsor, thank you honey for taking me. Don’t know HOW I didn’t get any pix of us. Brent, where is that cute one of us with the Virgin peeps? Any hoots, love her more than before. Wish I got a change to peep her husband though! haha

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