Her life was her movie. Yours can be is yours.

Seeing ‘My Week with Marilyn’ tonight. Looking forward to Michelle Williams as her, I like them both. Thanks to AMy @ Alliance Films for the tix.

Her life is a love story (Marilyn). It’s like a love story with her life and herself with herself and everyone else who plays a role. If you think about life like that you might  will  be more interesting. You’ll have more experiences too.

On the plane home from Costa Rica I watched Jim Carey’s Poppers Penguins and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I love Jim Carey, not so into animal/kid movies but it was cute. Apes was good, I liked it. Cool SF scenes, Franco is a babe and the apes were cool.

After a week in the jungle with real monkeys it was perfect to watch that movie.  Catching up on the Y&R before I go to bed. It’s nice to be home.

This little monkey is back in the concrete jungle …

My life is my movie and, you’re in it! Thank you 


It’s nice to be home but I want to go away again!

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