it felt like a movie

I’ve  always wanted to go, since I was little. I remmeber watching old movies with the girls serving onbaby blue rollerskates and the classic cars lined up in rows. Finally happened last night…

I wore an vintage dress and brought a cardigan, felt kinda schooley. We were the only ones in an old car, 1960 Desoto, baby blue. We sat in the back, there’s no seatbelts and it’s like a couch back there. It was perfect. You’re not supposed to bring alcohol but everyone does. It would probably help if they had the bar open, they didn’t. You tune into the radio station as the movie starts to play. It felt like a movie.

I watched Transformers, didn’t like it. That Fox is mighty sexy though.  The drive-in is at Polson Pier and they play two movies each night. It’s open on weekends and you can take a whole car load of people on Sunday’s for only $25. That’s a pretty good deal.


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