High Tea: You Can Roll With Us

High Tea: You Can Roll With Us

You walk past a group of beautiful, stylish ladies outside a cute and classy coffee shop in a quiet neighbourhood. Everything looks normal until you get a little closer and see a cloud of smoke big enough for a rap video and realise what’s up! ? So much so you might be tempted to grab your TONIC rolling papers and join us!

The other week I had a really cool experience of attending an event called ‘See You Next Tuesday‘ hosted by the fine ladies of the High Tea podcast (listen here). It was a rolling salon and flower side chat where we had an in-depth lesson on rolling the perfect joint and talked about cannabis. As you can imagine we also spoke about some of the lesser known cannabis infused products out there such as moonrock canada. We each took home a few goodies and fresh cut flowers. It was fun!

Michelle Bilodeau , Carly Stojsic, High Tea Host Jen Newtz,

The High Tea podcast was started to create ‘high-vibe entertainment, for women who also love weed‘. Each episode is a ‘blunt and thoughtful exploration of pot and its magic‘. I love the play on words you’ll find in everything they share including the name of the event series. Thanks for hosting a fun night!

Over the past few months, I’ve spent more time having great conversations with amazing women over cannabis vs. late nights with too much wine. It’s so much of a healthier lifestyle, I’ve cut down my drinking significantly and even lost weight. The side effects of cannabis are much more positive including increased creativity and less pain/anxiety, instead of a hangover. When talking about the effects of cannabis, many often wonder, “are cbd terpenes important?” When it comes to people’s experience with the drug, it does look that way.

There are lots of different reasons why someone might use cannabis. For example, a good friend of mine who lives in Canada uses cannabis to boost her mood which, in her experience, makes living with depression a little easier. She orders her cannabis from bc buds online and gets it delivered directly to her door which is incredibly convenient. As with any natural remedy, if you are considering using cannabis, remember to do your research first.

Looking forward to their next event and more interesting cannabis events. A couple weeks ago I went to a cannabis brand launch at a strip club, Monday there’s another in a warehouse, and there’s a popup right now on Ossington hosted by San Rafael ’71 (details here!).

It’s an exciting time to be alive with legalization just around the corner!

Listen to theHigh Tea Podcast

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