GIFTING DAY 7: left handed with a nice @rightsleeve

Leaving Boston today and heading home to my fav city for the holidays. My appologies  to all the other cities I love, y’know Torannah has my heart!

Today’s gift  is a sturdy and bright market tote from @rightsleeve.

Rightsleeve is a Toronto based promotional design agency, check’em out on the interwebs. I posted one of these babies on last week on GIVING DAY 2 if you would like to see the exact specifications. The bag retails for $60 at stores and it the signature print from RIGHTSLEEVE, see here:

To win today’s contest, you have to name one my tattoos. There are a few but I rarely show them off.

If you want to find them you will have to look for them. If you link a photo you are even cooler. Leave a comment below by signing into Twitter, Facebook or DISQUS.

Contest includes shipping and is open to anyone in Canada.

Don’t worry, the christmas deco and black marker are not included. They were added on with Doodleberry on iPad Andy. Have a great day!


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