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Well hello from my new office at GelaSkins! I’ve been here for a week and I thought it’s time to post a lil’ update.  I’ve joined the team as Social Media Director and over the next few months I’ll be building a team and helping strategize how to make waves for some exciting company news. I’m loving it so far and working with awesome people.

What is GelaSkins?

About GelaSkins via #thisismylife


We have a very cool office.

This is only one little sneak peek! The space is super creative with art everywhere, hardwood floors, gaming, AppleTV, sweet couches, full kitchen, and a gym downstairs. There’s also a roof top patio and beer taps. It’s great the office is a 10 walk from our house too.  I get two songs in from door to door. 🙂


News about my new gig was published last week on Canada’s top Tech website TechVibes and this week in Marketing Magazine ‘On The Move‘ section. Woot! When I joined MuchMTV, Metro did a story about about blogging my way to MTV and last year when I joined Community, Marketing Mag wrote ‘The Perks of Being an Influencer‘ (with that great shot by Steve Carty!).

Quotes from the News & GelaSkins Co-Founder


“This is an exciting time for GelaSkins as a company,” says Drew Downs, CEO of GelaSkins. “We’re growing steadily and in the coming months we’ll be making some giant leaps into what will be the future of our company.”

“Adding someone like Casie is definitely going to help us accomplish our goals as we grow,” he added. “We’ve had our eye on Casie for a while because our products start conversations and there are few people better to help manage those conversations than her.”

“Joining GelaSkins is the next big step in my career. I’m excited to be doing creative things everyday while building some amazing initiatives within an artist community,” says Stewart. “I’m proud of all the great things I’ve done locally over the last few years and I’m looking forward to expanding my craft to an international market with GelaSkins.”

Marketing Magazine: 

Popular blogger, CASIE STEWART, joined GelaSkins as social media director. She was most recently with Community, a small Toronto-based agency that works on campaigns for clients like LiveNation, Heineken and Bacardi.

Today GelaSkins is part of ShopLocket’s Advent Calendar. From December 1-24, you can enter every day to win a different amazing, super spectacular product. Learn about  the company and our Co-Founder/CEO Drew Downs by visiting the ShopLocket website or clicking below. You can win a $100 gift card!

Drew Downs, Co-CEO of @GelaSkins via @casiestewart #thisismylife

In other news, I was just given this beauty MacBook skin from Thomas downstairs. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS!

Happy Holidays and HI FROM MY NEW OFFICE!


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  1. December 11, 2013 / 4:35 pm

    Congratulations lady! Such a great move for you and you deserve it! So proud of you 🙂

  2. December 12, 2013 / 4:52 pm

    Lucky Gelaskin.

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