Events | Put That Money on Lucky 7! We Won @ Woodbine 

Events | Put That Money on Lucky 7! We Won @ Woodbine 

I took Carynn to Woodbine for sister date. She’d never been and I thought betting on the ponies would be a fun afternoon and it WAS.She picked the winning horse for 2 races in a row and cashed in both times.

We had lunch at Favourites on the second floor, traditional buffet with a vast array of different foods.

Both of us won a couple dollars on the first race we bet on. WOOT. Love these glasses, latest pair from in France.

Then Carynn killed it on the next race and won $72.65. Taking someone to the races for their first time THEN having them win is the most fun. Doesn’t matter how much you win, leaving home w/ extra cash in your pocket is awesome!

I love people watching, especially mid-race when they’re cheering and screaming. It’s exciting! Over the past couple months I’ve noticed more and more young peeps there, millennials. Would be a great spot for a date!

For more information about upcoming events at Woodbine visit this handy schedule. I’ll be back next Sunday for the Pattison International.

Heading up to the cottage for the rest of the weekend to celebrate thanksgiving.

Wishing you a great weekend! ☀️????