Dr. Martens Fall Preview 2011

Oh hey there. Mama loves new shoes! Last night I cruised by the Fall Preview of Dr. Martens. I’ve been a Docs lover since primary school so it’s awesome to be invited to check this out. I took all these photos cause I love the shoes. My fav ones right now are Eclectic in white canvas & Triumph 14 Eye.

Get ready for some serious shoe pr0n…

For the stylish & sophisticated wearer.

Love these bad boys. Real fur. Imagine the comfort & snuggles for your feet.

I have those Triumphs on the right but with tartan inside.

Jay Strut is in el-oh-vee-eee with these ones.

That’s Doug in the background, International Sales Manager. He gets to wear Docs errry day!

We were at the Sheraton, 30, miles stories high.

Constantly distracted by things that are shiny.

The classics. Carly needs the pink ones.

I had saddle shoes as a kid. I still do 🙂

I forget that these are called but rockabilly guys with the James Dean look wear them. I dig it.

These ones are all pretty classy looking. I’m impressed with the wide range of shoes they have. They are really well made and versatile. The really tall 20 inch boots make me want them.

You know what this smells like? Real nice leather.

You know what this smells like? Nothing. Vegan leather.


These babies are my fav style.

These are nice too. I would go ona date with a cute boy based on him wearing these. *take note

Industrial manufacturing. ILU.

Got soul?

This warmed my little nerd heart. DR. MARTENS USB!  J’adore.

Let’s not forget I taught Doug how to PLANK. Great form my friend!

He learned from the best. Plank Girl!

The team hooked us up with a gift cert for a new pair of Docs when these awesome styles come out in the Fall. THANK YOU! I’m a Doc lover for lyfeeee. What are your favs?


  1. Carly-Anne
    July 20, 2011 / 6:07 pm

    OMG Dying here.  LOVE the pink ones and the pink saddle shoes!  Also love the granny boot heeled ones AND the distressed with the floral inside like your tartan ones.  Get on my feet!

  2. July 20, 2011 / 8:08 pm

    Gosh, I just DO NOT LIKE any of these. Basics for me, please. I like my original 8-hole black boots that I’ve been wearing for FIFTEEN YEARS (Jebus, did I start high school that long ago!?)

    That pair is still going strong, and seriously.. I wore them almost daily for years and years. No need to purchase new ones yet. Or probably anytime soon. Or ever, maybe.

    I haven’t heard good things about the latest ones, but then, I do admit that I’m just going by hearsay. Didn’t pay too close attention to the whole change in ownership and production BS, really. But they still seem to have a bad rap these days.

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