i have a halloween message for you

someecards.com - If you dress like Snooki for Halloween, I'm going to punch you in the face

No, seriously. I will Snooki punch you. Come to a party on Friday night at Tequila Bookworm. I’m not sure what I’m gonna go as quite yet but alas, it will NOT be Snickers. haha.

How cute is this guy? Halloween BF material right there. Planned out my tattoo sleeve last night. Pen and marker all over my arm right now. Need to do some more drawing. We’ve got an old sailing ship, an eagle, a poem I wrote in my own handwriting and a sunshine band. Soooo excited to get moving on the inking. Perhaps next month I’ll gett’er started. ANy reco’s of who should draw on me with a mechanic needle? That makes it sould so hardcore. I am bbbbbadass. Ok, no I’m not.

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