Day 23: Seasons Change

The lake melted yesterday! We’ve wanted to be here to see it happen for years. In one day, it goes from being icy to flowing water. It’s beautiful. Sean set up a timelapse to capture it and I took photos throughout the day.

Today is Monday and the TDSB starts online classes for students with assignments due end of the week. We’ve got Em set up on a desk in the master bedroom so she has her own workspace.

Cut My Bangs!

I caved and trimmed my bags yesterday. I like to dry cut with them combed straight, then use the electric shaver to get a straight line, and clean up with good scissors. I’m so glad to have grown my hair out last year, I can only imagine I’d be about to shave my head right now. I love having my hair done at Sassoon but luckily, I’ve got a lot of experience in cutting my own bangs so I’m happy with the result. No disasters!

After dinner, we finished Unorthodox and How To Fix a Drug Scandal, both good shows. Today we made coleslaw, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, pie dough, and another round of Instant Pot rice.

If you aren’t making rice in your Instant Pot, you are missing out, it’s so easy. Add 1 cup of rice to 2 parts water or broth in the pot, a bit of butter and salt, set to cook on the rice setting (10 or 12 min depending on pot size), and voila, the BEST rice!

Good song for today!

P.S. TUESDAY IS FULL MOON! See some of my rituals in this video from the fall. I’m going to do a few of these today including writing some thoughts & intentions on paper & burning in the fire.