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Cottage Casie in Full Effect! 

Cottage Casie in Full Effect! 

Came in from a nice float out in the water just now. It’s so warm, the lake feels like a pool.

This is my first blog post on the new computer. I’m so stoked to be up here and have 10 days to work on creative things. My new blog is on the works, I love the design and I hope you will too. It’s been years since I gave it an update. The current look and feel is very similar to when I first started casiestewart.com in 2005. The first site is still alive at casiestewart.blogspot.com. Working on this new machine feel like a Porsche or Ferrari compared to my little MacBook Air. Today Sean picked up a huge new monitor and comfy desk chair for the cottage, I’m ready to ROLL. I saw some amazing desk chairs on www.bestgamingchair.com/herman-miller-mirra-2-chair-review and I decided it was time for a new COMFY desk chair!

The view from where I’m sitting is the photo above.

I’m planning to put big 10 person tent on lawn and make a nice glamping hideaway. I attempted to do it on my own today (never having set up a tent) and gave up after a few minutes. I need help, I don’t know where everything is. This is me after a I made a Pina Colada and decided to go floating in the sun instead.

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This is My Life | Stop. Drop. Office. 

This is My Life | Stop. Drop. Office. 

It’s rare during the day that I leave the house without my computer (or at all during the cold months). This morning on my ride I stopped for a call that required some immediate internet support in the form of computer.  So, here I am sitting on Roncy, on a bench, computer on my lap, with bike and yoga mat.

Feeling quite grateful my life is weird and wonderful. Next stop home because I forgot my wallet then to a new office space, somewhere with coffee! 

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
Jim Rohn 

Here’s to a wonderful day! 



New From Polette Eyewear – E-Polette to Protect Your Eyes

New From Polette Eyewear – E-Polette to Protect Your Eyes

Over the past year I’ve been a partner with polette eyewear in France. This week I wanna share something neat about new glasses they have available. The collection is called e-polette and they’re specially formatted to protect your eyes from the harmful glare that comes from looking at screens.

I check my phone about 8,000 times/day and spend heaps of hours per month in front of a screen. It’s not confirmed that long term damage can harm your eyes but you can develop Computer Vision Syndrome resulting in, dry or irritable eyes, headache, or blurred vision.

E-Polette to Protect Your Eyes

The e-polette lenses have a slight tent that acts as a filter to make staring at a screen easier on the eyes. There’s a whole bunch of stylish options and they start at $19.99.

About polette eyewear:

Polette was founded in France by a young entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to cut out the middleman and offer fashionable glasses at an affordable price. Frames and lenses come straight from their factory therefore they don’t have to charge a high price for consumers. The website was launched in 2011 and since they’e become a leader in the online eyewear market. 


Check out some of stylish sunnies I’ve picked out at over the past few months at casiestewart.com/polette. Check out all the available glasses for men and women at polette.com and find e-polette here.

Hope your week is off to a great start!



Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood! ☀️

Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood! ☀️

Last couple days have been really relaxing. I have to remind myself what day it is. Yesterday I slept heaps. Feeling fresh today! Didn’t get anywhere on my glamping goals (it rained) but maybe today. On our way to rent a jet ski rn. Woot! Don’t worry mum, will be careful!

With love from the cottage.

❤️✌🏼️😎 CASIE


Contest | Show Off That Brilliant Smile! Brush. Whiten. Go.™

Contest | Show Off That Brilliant Smile! Brush. Whiten. Go.™
This is a sponsored post in partnership with Colgate* Optic White™. All thoughts and ideas are my own. Thanks for supporting me and the brands I work with.
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If you know me, you know I smile a lot, heaps in fact. It’s a huge part of my life and I’m generally a pretty happy person. I’ve always been the one flashing her teeth around, spreading sunshine with a smile. ??? Having nice teeth started early with mum’s influence. In high school, I had braces and unlike other kids, loved going to the orthodontist for updates. Brilliant smile!

Skip ahead a few years after coffee, wine, age etc., keeping that smile bright is important.

Colgate contacted me a couple weeks ago about trying their new Colgate* Optic White™ Toothbrush + Whitening Pen and I was totally down to give it a go. (Tbh, I’d seen it on tv and wanted to try it already). Got one for Sean too.

I’ve been using the new Colgate* Optic White™ Toothbrush + Whitening Pen for about a week and it’s quick and easy. One thing to note is the whitening gel has a nice minty taste and won’t hurt your gums. I have sensitive teeth so I wanted to test this out before giving you my thoughts. This is a convenient and affordable way to get whiter teeth.? If you’re a smoker and your teeth are yellowing, switching out the cigarettes for something like this Vape Starter Kit then whitening your teeth you’ll see much greater results.

Perfect for everyday use and easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Brush. Use your regular toothpaste. The toothbrush has specially designed polishing bristles and stain removers to help remove surface stains.
  2. Whiten. After brushing, apply whitening gel with whitening pen. It takes a few seconds to apply and adhere to teeth. No wait, no rinse.
  3. Go.™ Store pen inside brush.

Giveaway! Enter below for a chance to win for you and your BFF, no purchase necessary. Giveaway begins on Monday, Sept,. 21 and closes on Friday, Septemeber 25. Follow @CasieStewart on Twitter or Pinterest, follow @OpticWhite on Twitter. Enter the giveaway by tweeting about it, and tag @casiestewart and @opticwhite using the hashtag #giveaway. One entry per person, per email. Find official rules here.

I look forward to seeing your pearly whites!

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Events | LCBO’s Harvest Menu w/ Love for Local w/ Chef Lynn Crawford

Events | LCBO’s Harvest Menu w/ Love for Local w/ Chef Lynn Crawford

Thursday was a busy one! I went to 4 media events and was home just after 8pm. It’s fun but exhausting! Today is chill time, hair, nails, lunch, art show w/ bae. 

Had a great kickoff to fall yesterday w/ LCBO & Wine Country Ontario over lunch hosted by Chef Lynn Crawford (Food Network Canada & The Cooking Channel). The event featured a Thanksgiving menu prepared by Chef Lynn, along with several other talented winemakers, chefs, and food artisans from Ontario.

I don’t go to heaps of ‘foodie’ events, although I enjoy them! It’s always a bit funny for me because the foodies are REALLY serious about the food, flavours, textures, pairings. I love listening. My take is usually, much more relaxed, a lifestyle writer approach. Does it taste good? Can I cook this at home? Will my friends like it? Can I impress the BF/parents?

Here’s some Tweet highlights from the #LCBOTasteLocal event:

We learned how to make a thanksgiving feats like a pro using preservatives, and items from local markets, and our own backyards. The menu is now available at LCBO stores across Ontario and looks like the top photo in this post. The little book features ideas for hosting, cocktail & cocktails, food/wine pairings, and recipes.

I’m not 100% on our plans for thanksgiving yet this year but it’s one of my fav meals of the entire year. Would love to Chef Lynn’s cauliflower & celery root mash w/ onion thyme marmalade. Like, how good does that sound?!

Here’s to a great weekend. Heading up to the cottage w/ Lauren & our BFs tomorrow and flying Muskoka in private planes on Sunday. **Pinch me!** This is my life, gahhhhh!



Events | A Toronto Scavenger Hunt w/ Ford Canada

Events | A Toronto Scavenger Hunt w/ Ford Canada

Oh haiiiii! That’s me in the new Ford Escape w/ CBC news anchor Peter Mansbridge  in the background. The scavenger hunt I did on the weekend called for a photo with a famous person. They didn’t specify if it had to be a famous person IRL, y’know?

We started out at Rock Lobster Queen East with a bunch of bloggers for some eats. There, we got a tour of the features including Ford SYNC 3 and AppLink.

It was my first time having brunch at Rock Lobster and the food was delish. We were two of the first to arrive and it was so fun seeing the blog crew arriving. Lots of hugs and screaming and laughter.

I’d worked with most of the crew hired to shoot the day (via 1188), so we all had a chuckle when I walked in!

The rest of the afternoon had us touring the city with a list of tasks to accomplish before meeting to tally the winner our last stop. We ended up having a car to ourselves, so we sang really loud to Justin Bieber and the playlist Ford made us on Spotify.

This is one of Toronto’s weird houses. It’s covered in dolls and children’s toys. It’s super creepy. The owner once won the best garden. Seriously. For more photos and a few close-ups, see my blog post from August 2009 ‘we have hundreds of McDonalds toys‘.

Another task on the list was snapping a photo of the Escape in one of Toronto’s many graffiti alleys. I love this one of Kate Moss in a mock Supreme shirt. It’s located King & Portland behind Portland Variety. There’s heaps more graffiti alley art around King/Queen West, see more here.

Know where this house is? Well, this half-house is located at 54 1/2 St. Patrick. It’s a product of history, poverty, property changing, and has a story that’s way too long for this blog post. You can read it on BlogTO if you’re keen.

Value in 2013 was ~$650K, it was vacant. Given the TO housing market it’s probably $1M now.

Towards the end of the hunt we really got creative, time was getting short. Spell out FORD and make a collage? OK! Flowers, Oranges, Raspberries, Driving.

We arrived at Big Crow at Dupont & Davenport around 5:30 for BBQ. I ate a few shrimps right when I walked in and OMGWHOA they were good. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay for the whole meal (we were heading to cottage) but it looked good. I saw a rack of ribs on someones Twitter and I’m still thinking it about days later.

We didn’t win the Toronto scavenger hunt but we DID have a super fun time w/ heaps of laughs. I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Escape all afternoon. It’s a powerful lil’ SUV that’s not too big, good for city driving. Great turning radius and Active Park Assist means you can parallel park like a champ anywhere, anytime.

I’ve done it a few times. Here’s a vid of me parallel parking an Escape with no hands back in 2013.


Thanks Ford Canada for a fun time w/ friends exploring our city. I’ve lived here for 10 years and there’s always something new to discover. If there’s any footage from the GoPro or video from Ford I’ll update this post. I’m sure you’re just dying to hear us singing loudly! 😜



Fashion | Rethinking Pink w/ Rethink Breast Cancer’s 2015 Collection

Fashion | Rethinking Pink w/ Rethink Breast Cancer’s 2015 Collection

This morning I had the opportunity to preview the 2015 Rethink Pink Collection with Rethink Breast Cancer. Next week kicks off Breast Cancer Month, and Rethink is the young women’s breast cancer movement.

This year’s Rethink Pink partnerships range from beauty, to artisanal goods, practical tools (see pink tool kit, excited about this tbh!), apparel, and more, making it easy to support the cause. The girls from Rethink chatted me about how breast cancer is rare in the under 50 group but their mission is to raise awareness and help women recently diagnosed, and going through breast cancer via various programs.

rethink, breast cancer, rethinking pink, casie stewart, rockit promo

To see all products in the 2015 Rethink Pink collection visit rethinkbreastcancer.com. Here’s a few of my favs.

On a personal note…

In February of this year I was having serious sharp pains in one of my breasts. Note to self, Google is NOT a doctor. After a few trips to the CIBC Breast Centre at St. Michaels hospital we found that it was from my birth control and was manageable. I’m generally a pretty healthy person, so having all these appointments really freaked me out, I was scared.

I’m a-ok now but the experience made me ‘rethink’ (see what I did there) my health and the importance of taking care of your body, being aware of changes etc.

If you would like to get involved visit rethinkbreastcancer.com. If you’re looking for  a reallllllly FUN way to get involved, get a ticket to the Booby Ball next week. It’s SPACE THEMED! 



Events | WayHome Music Festival 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the first WayHome Music Festival in Canada. It was at a park not too far from the cottage so instead of roughing it at the campsite, we stayed in Bala. It was a REALLLLLLLY hot weekend and by the second day, I was pooped.

My favourite parts were:

  • – Neil Young rocking in the free world
  • – Future Islands on Friday dancing the night away on Friday
  • – Soaking up the sun w/ the sounds of the Sheepdogs on Sunday

Here’s a few snaps from the weekend!


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Game, Set, Match! Bacardi Canada Raquet Club & Cocktails

Game, Set, Match! Bacardi Canada Raquet Club & Cocktails

Last week I went to the Rogers Cup with April. It’d been a while since we had a good girl hang and the night was perfect. Huge thanks to Bacardi Canada for treating us like social royalty; they sent a car service and took good care food & drinks for the night. Great way to get back into city life after my cottage getaway!

Rogers Cup with my girl @casiestewart! Lotsa balls flying around here! #BacardiCourtside #RogersCup

A photo posted by April Wozny (@aprilwozny) on


Bacardi was serving (?) perfect summer cocktails inside the Bacardi Canada Raquet Club. Their goal was to capture the court side cocktail vibe with Bacardi classics: The Bacardí Mojito, Bacardí Cuba Libre, and Bacardí Limónade.

Game, Set, Match! Bacardi Canada Raquet Club & Cocktail Recipes, casie stewart

April and I made the most of every moment by checking out all the booths and entering all contests or promotions happening. We laughed our heads off the whole time. Fingers crossed we win that Jamaica trip!

Shoutout to Woodbine Racetrack for their photo booth (see SQUAD above), we had fun getting the right shot haha. I’ve been working with Woodbine this summer, see all my posts from the races here.

Game, Set, Match! Bacardi Canada Raquet Club & Cocktail Recipes, casie stewart

Game, Set, Match! Bacardi Canada Raquet Club & Cocktail Recipes, casie stewart

Try making these selected summer favs from Bacardi Canada at home. They’re refreshing, and perfect for patios, poolside, or parties. I quite enjoy the lemonade and the Mojito is a close second.

Bacardí Mojito:

  • 1oz Bacardi Superior Rum
  • 3-4 Lime wedges 6-8
  • Fresh Mint leaves
  • 0.5oz – 0.75oz Simple Syrup
  • Top with soda water/club soda
  • Garnish: Fresh Mint

Method: Gently press together the limes & sugar. Bruise the mint leaves by clapping them between your palms, rub them on the rim of the glass and drop them in. Next, half fill the glass with crushed ice, add the BACARDÍ Superior rum & stir. Top up with crushed ice, a splash of soda and a sprig of mint.

Bacardí Cuba Libre:

  • 1oz BACARDÍ Gold rum 2oz cola (bottled)
  • 2 lime wedges

Method: To build this legendary cocktail, fill a highball glass with ice. Then squeeze 2 lime wedges over the ice and drop them into the glass. Pour in the BACARDÍ Gold rum, followed by chilled cola, and give it all a gentle stir.

Bacardí Limónade:

  • 1oz BACARDÍ LIMON 3oz
  • Freshly squeezed Lemonade Ice

Method: Fill highball glass with ice. Pour in the BACARDÍ LIMON, followed by freshly squeezed Lemonade, and give it all a gentle stir.

Game, Set, Match! Bacardi Canada Raquet Club & Cocktail Recipes, casie stewart

Love these vintage outfits. Notice their perfectly placed tennis bracelets. I took tennis lessons in junior high. Mostly did it for the tennis skirt and to hang out at the racquet club.

For Rogers Cup results visit rogerscup.com. See more cocktail recipes an other fun stuff from Bacardi Canada on their Instagram & Twitter.

Here’s to a great week!



This is My Life | There’s Harmony in Autumn, and A Luster in it’s Sky

This is My Life | There’s Harmony in Autumn, and A Luster in it’s Sky

That’s a wrap on summer! Had a nice relaxing weekend at the cottage. Still a few weeks before we close the place up. The leaves have just started changing. It’s beautiful.

Yesterday Sean and I heard this crazy loud noise when we were out for  drive. It was Ontario Watercross Racing – snowmobile racing on water.  I didn’t know this was a thing!

They have to keep going at pretty fast speed to stay on top of the water. Saw  few go down and get pulled up from the bottom of the lake. The course includes going around a couple buoys then sliding back to the sand. It’s super fast. We watched a few runs and victory laps on the grass before heading home. They’re REALLLLLLY loud. (Sorry this is showing up so small!)

Picked up a few of these little guys . I love this time of year! I know I say that about every season but they each have their charm, they really do. Been thinking a fair bit about halloween and what costumes I want to go with this year.

Had a nice sunset cruise in the boat last night. Perfect way to close out summer at the cottage.

Have a pretty crazy adventure planned for next weekend at the cottage. A brand is sending two private planes to take some friends and I  and flying around Muskoka and to Port Carling. I’m excited. Will share more about that later.


There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen, as if it could not be, as if it had not been!

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Here’s to a great week! 💛✌️



SiriusXM’s Canada Laughs & The Todd Show Shapiro Show

SiriusXM’s Canada Laughs & The Todd Show Shapiro Show

Hola! Man,  it is HOT today. I was out and about, stopped by a cafe in Liberty Village to a break from the heat. I love this weather but when you need to get around the city and you’re carrying things and sweating  and dripping, you just wanna go home/jump in a lake/pool/cold shower.

Yesterday I was back at SiriusXM on the Todd Shapiro Show. You can download the podcast in iTunes or listen here (yesterday’s ep will be up tomorrow). Heading back to the SiriusXM studio now for today’s show. I’m not sure who guests are but it will without a doubt, be funny,

Baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio…


Met with Telus today to go over events and things for the next few months. Lots coming up! Excited to share. Check out my beautiful Ted Baker iPhone case. I love it. I had a different Ted Baker case before today and they’re my fav ones I’ve ever had. Thanks Telus! You can find this one and the others at any Telus store.



This is My Life | Brunch, Preloved 20th Anniversary, Drake

This is My Life | Brunch, Preloved 20th Anniversary, Drake

Oh hello! Started the day with a preview of Toronto designer/store Preloved at the Drake Hotel with April. We hung out and had a long brunch in the cafe downstairs after.  It won’t be long till these warm days are gone so savouring every last moment possible. It’s quite warm today! 

the drake skyyard, drake hotel, preloved 20th anniversary, casie stewart, toronto, blogger

Have gotten a few compliments on this dress the last couple weeks, it’s from Forever 21! Crystal pendant (you can hardly see) was hand made by my friend Jodi (NeNeLu Handmade), I’ve been wearing it so much lately.

the drake skyyard, drake hotel, preloved 20th anniversary, casie stewart, toronto, blogger

Preloved used to have a shop across from Trinity Bellwoods park on Queen Street, this year they celebrate 20 years. Clothes are all upcycled with vintage material along with new fabric. They’ve also done collabs w/ Roots, Holt Renfrew, The Bay. There were lots of cozy items there today. I love wool sweaters, warm mits, super long socks. Shop the 20th Anniversary collection here.

the drake skyyard, drake hotel, preloved 20th anniversary, casie stewart, toronto, blogger

Have you heard this yet?

In other news, say hi to my mum and dad! I went to my hometown yesterday for a funeral, but on a positive note, got to hang out with these two awesome people and more. We were about to go our seperate ways when I had to stop-drop-selfie.

They’re getting pretty good at it after all these years. LOVE YOU MUM AND DAD.

the drake skyyard, drake hotel, preloved 20th anniversary, casie stewart, toronto, blogger

Hope you’ve having a great week. Get some of that sunshine on your face!

CASIE ☀️😎💛✌️


Events | The Lowdown on the The Flat White At Second Cup

Events | The Lowdown on the The Flat White At Second Cup

Last week I was invited to hang out at Second Cup on King and learn about how to make the perfect Flat White. The flat white is a fav in Australia and New Zealand, something I’m very familiar with!  When I lived in Australia, each morning I’d ride my bike over to the Le Paris Go cafe in Bondi Beach and get a flat white to start my day. I’m so glad it’s made it’s way to Canada!

second cup flat white now available in canada

Nicole from She Does the City, me, Wendy from Hip Urban Girl, Nicole from Dainty Girl

The girls and I sat down at the coffee bar with Second Cup’s in-house coffee expert and curator Pat Russell, Senior Product Developer. Pat has been with Second Cup since 1996, so he REALLY knows his stuff.

The flat white is known for its smooth texture which highlights the true taste of the espresso, without any bitterness or excess of milk. It features a double shot of Second Cup’s rich Espresso Forte, velvety steamed milk, and a thin layer of micro-foam. I prefer a flat white over a latte because it has less milk.  (I had a lactose allergy growing up so I try to do have too much milk these days.) If you’re not a milk drinker, you can request your flat white be made with almond or soy milk for a bit of added sweetness and nutty flavour.  Another thing to note is the Flat White is only available in one size – an 8oz/250 ml cup – this is to preserve the proper ratio of espresso to milk.

How a Flat White is Different than Other Coffee Drinks

I invite you to switch up your coffee routine and try a Second Cup Flat White yourself. In other news, from September 1-30, 2015, Second Cup Rewards members earn 5x points on all Flat Whites. If you buy 3 Flat Whites, you earn enough points to get one free! Sign up here.

Find Second Cup TwitterFacebook and Instagram or check out their website for exclusive offers and product information. Share your thoughts on the new Flat White w/ hashtag #SCFlatWhite, love to know your thoughts!


* Post sponsored by Second Cup Coffee Co.
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