Netflix Binge weekend + Lots of Soup

Netflix Binge weekend + Lots of Soup

I spent most of yesterday in bed or in the couch.

Today I’ve been watching Marcella on Netflix. A drama series about a female detective trying to solve a serial killer mystery based in the U.K.  I’m on ep3 but will probably finish the season today.  This little JBL speaker is usually in my travel bag and is perfect for watching Netflix in bed on my computer.

Earlier this week Ricola sent an advent calendar and it is saving me right now. Sean has been such a dear, made me soup & toast while I’ve been in bed nearly the entire day.

I finally set up my Saje Wellness humidifier thing and it smells like a spa in here.

The other show we’ve been watching is HBO’s Westworld. It’s a futuristic show about an alternate reality game. A tweet I posted last night was RT’d by the show and over 100ppl showed love for it.

I’m really keen to find a new book. If you have any recos please let me know! I like twisted dramas with murder mystery. Or chick lit!


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