This one time, after a few drinks (don’t you love these stories), I tried to catch the subway.
Like, litterally, I tried to catch it by chasing it……
I didn’t catch it.
But it was truly entertaining, thats for sure.


I used to live at Bondi Beach in Australia. It is a truly beautiful beach just outside Sydney. It is surrounded by other beaches and beautiful shops, sights, and people. One sunny morning I was walking along the beach at 7am. I always find the beach and the water so inspiring. I wrote the following poem:

As the waves crashed on the shore,
the wind washed them away.
And as I walked along the sand,
I felt I could not stray.
For I was walking towards the sun,
and it was a brand new day.
Casie Stewart 2004

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and we were at the guv. in toronto. its was pretty fun as i was in good company. but, the photographer guy from totally took like 15 photos over the night. i was always dancing and then i’d turn around to find papparazzi in my face. it was hot….but like, i guess it would be annoying if you were actually more famous than us.
we were hot though……..