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I tried to chase the subway…..and I don’t recomend it.

This one time, after a few drinks (don’t you love these stories), I tried to catch the subway.
Like, litterally, I tried to catch it by chasing it……
I didn’t catch it.
But it was truly entertaining, thats for sure.

Foot in Mouth, A Case of

So, Roxy totally put her foot in her mouth this time.
She thought her sister was beside her and made a silly fat joke.
But instead, there was a big fat lady there…..whoopsy!!

Prefessional Dancers!!! REAL DANCE

My sister is in school for professional dance.
Her and George, our friend can dance so good.
This is them dancing to Sean Paul, ‘Breakout’.
They are REALLY GOOD though, seriously.

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To smoke or Not to Smoke? That is the Question here……….


Roxy says: ‘lets kill another smoke’ with a deadly mean laugh

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Casie says: smoking is ‘so fucking cool’
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Roxy’s Cartoon

Roxy can’t have sugar.
It is really convenient that on Friday’s we have cake day.
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Friday Cartoon Contest

So, Ian, Roxy and I decided to have a ‘Natalie Dee’ like Friday Cartoon Contest.

This is my entry:
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I think Roxy can see in to my head. Because she knew just what I saw thinking damnit. This is what she saw:

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How puuuuuuuuurfect!!!! YUMMY!
And its FRIDAY and its SUNNY!!! YAYAY!


Check out this hot pic of Roxy and I.
Gosh. We are so cool with our sunnies on!!

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Bondi Beach. Untitled Poem

I used to live at Bondi Beach in Australia. It is a truly beautiful beach just outside Sydney. It is surrounded by other beaches and beautiful shops, sights, and people. One sunny morning I was walking along the beach at 7am. I always find the beach and the water so inspiring. I wrote the following poem:

As the waves crashed on the shore,
the wind washed them away.
And as I walked along the sand,
I felt I could not stray.
For I was walking towards the sun,
and it was a brand new day.
Casie Stewart 2004

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da vinci code quest on google

I have been dedicated to playing a game over the past week or so. It is on Google, persoanlized home page as the Da Vinci Code Quest. It is great fun, deciphering codes and getting clues to solve puzzles.
I am so excited for the movie to come out soon!!

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