Weekend Tune: “Kaputt” by Destroyer


  • the Destroyer album of the same name is nominated for this year’s Polaris Music Prize.
  • it’s this Vancouver band’s 9th album.
  • singer-songwriter frontman Dan Bejar describes Destroyer’s style as “European Blues”!
  • it’s not just sweaty girls, saxophones and leotards. It’s much more.

Just wait until the vocals kick in…

xo Kate

* Kate writes the Weekend Tune and I was like WTF when I watched this video at first! I wonder what you think about the song/v ideo??? She is up on the music. Go ahead and submit your Weekend Tunage if you feel like sharing. Always love pleasing the ears, head, body.

<3 Casie

P.S. Destroyer, The Artist, has that beard & long hair I love.

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