We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.



Latest app in my photo collection is DBLCAM. Uses both front & back facing cameras to take one picture, tell both sides of the story. It’s free. I love using multiple apps to make creative images. I was making collages of my face and text LONG before apps like Diptic (collage) and Over (text). Learn about those apps by watching my show on Coral TV  (iPhonography/Overgram). Filmed a couple new eps in the park today that’ll be released in the next few weeks. My show hits the internet airways each Friday afternoon at youtube.com/coral.

Watched Sixteen Candles last night. Love the style Molly has in the Brat Pack movies. I am going to go shopping this weekend and buying myself some new spring clothes. I’ve been cleaning out my closet and have a huge bag to take to the Salvo for donation. Spring cleaning feels so good.


View was looking pretty nice when I got home from work. I love daylight savings because it feels like getting done work an hour early.  I watched the yellow eye of a storm move across the skyline for 20 minutes till the air was filled with hail.


It was a great day for mail too! Opened this lovely tea package from Tetley to find a magical little tea pot & cup for all my teas. Thank you!


Received a Fashion Week Survival kit from FLAUNT. Thanks guys! Totally unexpected and appreciated! It’s got fabric goodies, body tape, silicone nip covers for daring outfits, and an eye mask which I will use tonight.  I’m ready for a good sleep.


You’re the star Truman.


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