THE GRID: Introvert or Extrovert?

This week has been full of awesome fun. While I’ve been away I was written about TWICE in Toronto’s culture newspeper The Grid. One day I was in an article about being an introvert and the very next day was a video about me being extroverted and all over the city. Truth is, I’m a little bit of both. I really love spending time alone, in silence and at home and, as you all know, I also love being around lots of people and in the spotlight. Here’s a link to each article.

Casie Stewart is a 29-year-old blogger who was recently featured in an article in The Walrus by Maryam Sanati called “Brand Me,” which shone a spotlight on the major players among Toronto’s “Gen Y personal branders.” These professional internet personalities have managed to generate the success and attention they quite openly—and shamelessly—seek, simply by transcribing the minutiae of their existence online. “Because Stewart’s peers have not known self-doubt as much as we have,” Sanati, a self-identified Gen-Xer, writes, “and because they’re so much better at maneuvering in the digital age than we were, they feel perfectly at ease.” That may be true for Stewart. When it came time for her to speak at the pub, she described herself as “hyper-social.” In fact, the only time she admitted feeling less than socially fluent was during her offline hours.

One more thing! If you are at SXSW Storify will build a story from all your online activity automatically if you connect your accounts. I’ll publish mine tomorrow. Now, off to the convention centre for some fun! Have an awesome day 🙂

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