i took it out. it just wasn’t me. too all up in ma face.

Going to get it was really fun.  It hurt and I liked it. The people at Blackline Studio were cool and professional. It was a fun little Saturday afternoon adventure to poke a hole in my body. I realise I’m just not that into it anymore.  There is a super cute girl who help my hand when I got it done and the boy who pierced me was cute too. I wanted  a septum piercing for a while but once I had it, it took away from all the cuteness that makes me me. I really like that cuteness. I used to have a bunch of piercings, took then out in Australia cause I didn’t like the way they rubbed my surf board. I had two massively painful ones in my ears one called a rook (through thick cartilage) and one called an industrial (long bar that goes through twice). They were really painful. I mostly got them to deal with some type of pain in my heart or loss. Somehow, poking that hole and going through the healing process, made the heart ache a little less painful. I am so deep.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we’re back.

i’m falling for you.

Love the seasons changing. I promise myself I will clean up my room on Sunday. It is honestly one big closet with a bed in it. Thinking the next place I live will need to be a 2 bdrm, preferably an old house with big rooms. Been thinking about moving out of the core-hardcore deep downtown. Meh, I’ll probably change my mind again like tomorrow. I love the view here. Holy nut case eh. bahaaa.

Reilly took this last night. I like it.

Finally chatted with Mum today. She’s sailing to Bahamas with her BF on their 40 ft sail boat. Begged her to send some photos already. They are in New Brunswick at the moment. Today they sailed 10 hours and went through a lobster fishing area. Mum said it was nuts.

She is going to freak when she see’s this. Don’t worry, the piercing comes out. My eyes wattered like CRAY when he put that needle in. Don’t know how long i’ll keep the piercing it but it looks pretty cute.

This is pretty crazy too. Dude landed the first double back flip in a wheelchair ever!! Mad skills. Watching his couple attempts before he gets it were insane. Balls that guy. WHOA.

Don’t try this at home ok. You could really hurt ya damn self!

Really getting excited for NZ Fashion Week. Been checking out designers and NZ bloggers on NZTV. It’s one of my cuzzie’s birthday and imma get to hang with her. We’ve only ever met a couple times so pretty stoked. Probs gonna see Nana too. SO EXCITED.

Weeeeeeeeeee! Sunday funday!

when something is the most real, it is the realest.

Notice anything?

going to a show tonight with carly, taking my new friend

He can fly,

He soars high,

He can go anywhere.

He can go anywhere.

The sky is a limit you can exceed,

Reach higher.

new tattoo. ILU.

Last night I got a new ink, a feather drawing on my right forearm. Same arm I like to draw stuff on, same as the anchor and the hearts and the stars and my ‘love life’ in hebrew. My artist is Stephen Shaw at Rock of Ages Tattoo. The shop is brand new but he has been inking bodies for years. He’s the same dude that did my anchor tat in March this year. If you go see him, get a cool tattoo and say hi for me. His website is here. He’s super nice (and cute).

People always ask “why did you get it? does it have meaning?” If you now me AT ALL you should be able to answer that yourself.  Yes, I have reason and it has meaning.

The thing I love about all my tattoos is that they begin to have more meaning as we grow older together. We show up in pictures together, stories, new memories are created. They’re like charms on my bracelet of life.

More pix after the fold. You will likey.

oh you fancy huh. wanna see more pix? ya.

the earth moved me, shakey shake.

I think my first earthquake was in 1990 but i don’t really remember. Today I was sitting at my desk, working away when I noticed my monitor shaking and the table and me. Naturally, I tweeted. This is what happened…

We’ve had crews taking down the MMVA stage from the roof and the street car goes by all the time so at first I didn’t think it was anything. When it went on for about 30 seconds I knew something was up. Pretty crazy. Even crazier that we got the first Super Swarm in CANADA. Woot.