I’ll Show YOU Who’s Beautiful!!

Someone I know got this email:

“Dear Whatever Your Name Is,

Your application to BeautifulPeople Network was not successful, the members of BP did not find your profile attractive enough this time round.

Please note, that only one in five applicants are currently making it into BeautifulPeople.com.

You are more than welcome to try again, perhaps with a better photo of your self or a more interesting profile text.We wish you every success the next time around.

Best regards,
BeautifulPeople Network

How about NOW bitches, will this help you think more beautifully…if I plastic my face and show of my lovely tata’s and great ass. Is that what it takes to be beautiful? A little A & T? I’ve seen the profiles that they think are beauties, scantily clad seems like the way in. I’m not like that.

I’ve not tried my own face at acceptance, but I’m considering it heavily.

Just for sport of course!!

Beautiful People.

Tonight watched Beautiful People on Slice. If you don’t know what Beautiful People is you may not have been on the Internet for the last year and probably should see a doctor. Right now.
Beautiful People (BP) is an exclusive agency for meeting other people, except it only lets in the pretty ones. No boring and no ugly ones either. It’s beauties meeting beauties. The members vote and if you’re hot enough, then you can join. If not, you get a message that says “the beautiful people don’t think you are attractive enough“. I suggest you take a look at it for fun. I find it interesting however not surprising that a business like this exists this and Slice broadcasts it right into my very own room.

There was a commercial for Botox during the break and it emphasized the importance of “freedom of expression”. This, I am also thankful for, the expression that is, not the Botox. An actress from Toronto got rejected by Beautiful People (BP) and found inspiration in that to get plastic surgery all over her face. They told her that she looked tired and sunken and she needs some work done. Of course, cosmetic surgery can help you achieve this. Lotus Medical offer their clients the chance to ‘regain your youthful appearance’ through their cosmetic procedures that include tummy tuck, fillers and liposculpture among many more. To be honest with you I am actually all in favor of changing your appearance if it makes you happy. A good friend of mine has had a few procedures done by the best plastic surgeon chicago has to offer and this has made a huge difference to her confidence. Ultimately, if you are considering plastic surgery it is vital that you do your research so that you can find a reputable surgeon.

Her inspiration inspired me and I drew on my face but I don’t want to change it.

The two blokes who started the company said: “PR is the cornerstone of their business”. They like the media and guerrilla marketing because it is cheap & effective and gets lots of attention. They like lots of attention. They like to get people talking. They like to cross borders and make you stretch what you think is normal. They like to shake your mind a bit. They like to get you moving.
The Beautiful People boys did a fine number by projecting a message on the side of one of our downtown buildings. It lasted two hours before the cops shut it down but it lasted much longer once the media grabbed it.

I think to myself, have we lost it? The economy is not doing so well. People are all walking around like The Sims, looking the same in the face, wearing the same clothes, going to the same places, seeing the same people. Boring. Boring Boring.

There are a couple people who I find quite interesting because I see them doing something different. White Rabbit, Jon Dube and Optiadmedia; its all creative inspiration of different mediums.

The time has come for the rising of the arts and those who are Borderline Artistic will no longer be hiding.