Yesterday, I was vintage.

I totally had the raddest day yesterday. I had brekky at Niche with Simon and talked about the Internet. I met Charlie near Bellwoods and passed by Ella’s for a latte and Apt. 909 to check out some vintage stuff. I love that shop so very much. I’d tell more about about how great it is and where and such but I wanna keep all the clothes in the shop for myself, really. We strolled around Kensington and went to book shops. I got a few jems for the day including these glasses and a scarf that is all the colours vintage really is. I bought it because Charlie said that when he sees it he is reminded of vintage and that it was classic. Obvi, I agreed.

Kills today…………..??!!

I don’t have any Zobie makeup.
Maybe they will have some at the park for me to put on??

How Fucking True is Dat

My friend Matt posted this today. Its from Liquor Land in Australia, how lovely and true that they put that on a bag as the Christmas greeting. Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Have you had lunch yet? or you could say….

i made this for you my pretty

I would still feed you and kiss you and love you. I just wanna keep you all to my little self forever and ever. Our friends could still come over and visit. I’d let you have beers. I would feed you with a spoon and buy you nice presents. Maybe, just maybe I would take you for a walk into town so people can know you are still alive and well and that I love you. ♥xo

She damn well knows.

“I’m smart and I know what’s going on. I can laugh at myself; I’m in on the joke. I know what you guys think of me, and I’m going to play into it and make you laugh at the same time.”

Paris Hilton tells the new issue of Nylon