Vice Mag – Fashion Issue Cover

Today I picked up the new Vice mag and with more excitement than usual due to the fact that is was the Fashion Issue. As I browsed through the pages, as I always do first I noticed a fw things:

  • New paper – 10% post consumer waste, environmentally friendly, printed in Canada
  • Some raised image on the cover that despite my efforts, I could not distinguish (and neither could my mates!)

This, after a quick search, is what I found…..

Vice Magazine Changes Everything As Usual

Vice Magazine, which was ironically abandoned by its target audience of dirty trendsetters at the exact moment it became popular, has finally discovered how to sell out IN SECRET. The new issue has an ad for BMW superimposed on the freaking cover itself—but it doesn’t appear until you turn out the lights! As long as you don’t read it in the dark, nobody will know you are bought and owned by corporations just like everything else in this rotten country, dude. This is a brilliant idea that may save the American print media and destroy the editorial/ advertising divide as we know it, and that’s really all we have to say about that. [Media In Canada]

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