Space, Google, Something Strange in the Neighbs

Tonight O’Nizzle and I are hosting a show with some astronomers for SPACE. Pretty stoked. Not too sure what we’re gonna be doing but I’m into it. Plus, we have to go to Hamilton! Mega adventure!

Last night I went to a party hosted by GOOGLE and The Rapture played. It was pretty rad. Lots of nerdy babes. Heaps of business people. Was totally surprised none of the ‘social media’ peeps were there. Met some rad peeps.

Tomorrow is TEDxToronto and I’m attending in person as a delegate. Really looking forward to being inspired and seeing/meeting other delegates. Check out this speaker vid by  The Biz Media featuring someone you’ve seen here before, Mr. David Miller:

Saw this on a walk yesterday… the balance of marriage? What are we saying here, wife, kids, party girl taking you out on the town? Hmmm.

Watching the Facebook F8 Keynote right now. Are you watching it? It’s kinda crazy how Facebook wants us to feellike it is our ‘home’ for all our online stuff. I’m all for sharing but it kinda freaks me out. They’re releasing ‘Timeline’ so we can create & cultivate the stories of our lives. Watch it here if you’re into it. Zuckerberg is a strange guy I bet. The new FB allows you to add a big photo at the top of your page kinda like a blog. Very blog like actually. Get ready for backlash!!

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