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It’s been a busy day! Arrived early at the office, did some writing, and a conference keynote all before noon. I posted the slides from my presentation  with Stephen Henrik  (The Globe & Mail) on the Pulp&Fiber blog. The subject was ‘Role of Social TV in Building the Brand’ read it here.  For the record, if you know Stephen, he did not say “shake that” during the presentation.

Last night my sister came with me to dance at King West Fitness. We are BOTH In the Army of Sass from now until December. We perform at the Virgin Mobile MOD Club Theatre on December 8th & 14th. Book your calendar. The show is ALWAYS sold out. It’s going to be AWESOME. Jenie and I haven’t danced together since we were kids and we’ve never actually been in the same class.

Nuvo Burlesque’s ARMY of SASS Toronto

 Nuvo-Burlesque Dance on Vimeo.



Army of Sass – FW 2012

Storified by CASIE STEWART · Thu, Sep 20 2012 14:04:25

Rolling 40 women strong in my Wednesday’s #armyofsass #performanceandtraininggroup @meghannorah @aidanmorris Catherwood
So many ladies in class for @nuvoburlesque #armyofsass last night. @ King West Fitness STEWART
Rarrrr #armyofsass w/ @nuvoburlesque & @jeniestewart. @ King West Fitness STEWART

In other news, check out this chill track by artist “Everyday“. He’s from the same mgmt that brought us The Weekend. I blogged his first video with Kate Upton over the summer. I’m into it.

Hope your day has been magical. If not, you still have time to make it awesome. Go out and get it!


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