One Year Older, One Year Bolder! 🎂

One Year Older, One Year Bolder! 🎂

Yesterday was my birthday and thank you for all the warm wishes! 🌟 Had a wonderful birthday eve and entire day. In the past I’ve blogged a whole bunch of activities and crazy party but this year was different. I wanted to relax, have a cake, and go to yoga. 🎂🙏🏼

Sometimes I get really weird around my birthday and want to hide away in my cave, not talking to anyone. I hate to planning anything and the whole idea of it gives me anxiety. I don’t need to go crazy on my birthday, I celebrate my damn self all year! So, when May 8th rolls around, all I really wanna to do for my birthday, is chill TF out. So, that’s exactly what I did!

One of the best things of my day was Sean taking the day off to hang out and recharge his batteries too. It was so nice to go for a long walk in the neighbourhood, look at the houses, antique shops, and have lunch together. This year I really didn’t care about getting things you buy in a store but moments, simple things, memories.

10 Great Things I Did on My Birthday

  1. Got a whole bunch of helium balloons and put them in the house! They’re still up!
  2. Morning drive in the sunshine listening to my a fav album (JAIN – full Zanaka album 👌🏽)
  3. Went for a walk with Sean around the ‘hood + got some new records
  4. Free birthday coffee at Starbucks ordered w/ the app so my name was spelled right
  5. Mexican food 🌮
  6. Laying on the couch scrolling in nap mode
  7. Fresh flowers + fresh sheets (I know that’s 2 but they are SO FRESH)
  8. Good sweaty yoga class (Sean and Luis came it was great!)
  9. Watching Young & the Restless in real time (haha I know! Yes, I PVR it 😝)
  10. Sean and I eating half the amazing Pavlova I made. Don’t even feel bad! So good! 🍓

Feeling grateful, thankful, and happy in my heart.
Ready for new challenges and adventures!


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