last three months of 2010: bring on the new year!

This was a very exciting time of year for me. In the past three months I’ve been in San Fran, LA, Boston, Dallas, and Puerto Rico. Last year my New Years relolution was to reavel more and I deff made that a reality.

These are some of my fav things from the last three months of 2010:

I was a spokesperson and got my first national gig and hosted an event in Young/Dundas Square.

my friends were in contests

wore a cute outfit

hung out with friends

another smirnoff party

had my photo taken

zombie nation

smirnoff india party


mum sailed to the bahamas from near toronto

some of my fav things

played with toys

went to hohoTO

was at the beach

gave away LOTS of gifts

made fashion toast

went to Dallas w/ Virgin America, was on Boing Boing

met a REAL cowboy



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