Lifestyle Trends This Week – June 9, 2012

This week flew by and the next two are going to b e the same. LOTS happening this month. Neutral tones & grey were popular colours in my posts this week. Not many bright colours like last week.





Came across a neat tool for looking at your Twitter stats. I love looking at this stuff. I never think about the stats when I’m publishing so looking back at trends, patterns & stats is cool. Based on my last 4,000 tweets I publish approx 59.2/day and one of my tweets is retweeted about every 10 I publish.

There’s lots of sailboats on the lake today. We’re heading to the airport in a couple hours flying WestJet into Calgary about 11:30pm. I’m stoked.


Had a great prep-talk with a friend I look up to last night. Ready to kill it in Banff. I’m coming for you Alberta, the world!

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