I Got a Vajacial.

I got a Vajacial.

A what? A Vajacial is the same concept as a facial, except it’s for the bikini area…

I got to Fuzz Wax Bar for my first time. Had been walking around the house for 20 min before I left, was almost late. I was nervous. Asking myself all kinda questions like, what’s gonna happen? Will it be a girl? Where ‘exactly’ does this happen in that region? Is this gonna hurt? I’ve never had a Brazilian. I was nervous. As any aberdeen escortguide.co.uk employee will tell you, looking after your nether regions requires regular upkeep and maintenance, but that still did not stop me feeling jittery.

Vajacial Starter pack: sign up, room alone, disrobe, wait for it.


The experience was good. Once I was on the table with a towel covering waist to thighs, I relaxed. I Felt calm. A nice young woman did the treatment and her Irish accent was lovely, we had a couple laughs too. It was over in 20 minutes. I did not at any time have anxiety or feel like she went too close to my private parts. This had me nervous earlier.

The Vajacial is a five step process and here’s how it went down:

  1. She cleansed the skin around my bikini area with antibacterial towelettes. Towels were soft.
  2. Second she put on an exfoliator that’s used to remove dead skin cells in preparation for extractions. The exfoliant was really gentle too.
  3. I had a blindfold on so I didn’t see this part but she used Tweezers and a lancet to extract any ingrown hairs trapped
    under the skin. If you have really coarse hair or are prone to ingrown hairs, I can imagine this being a bit painful.
  4. She put a mask to help with the removal of any ingrown hairs. Next she grabbed a high-frequency wand and I had to take off my blindfold to see this thing. I know they’re used in facials but I’d never seen one. It helps to infuse the product deeper into the skin and treat deep rooted ingrown hairs, it also vibrates a little bit.
    • How it works: A glass electrode is filled with a Neon or Argon gas, where a high frequency current is conducted onto the skins surface.
  5. Last step was moisturizer, gently applied to calm, soothe, and lock in moisture. I was feeling fresh! I took of my blindfold, it was over. My skin felt really soft. I would do it again. Great way to give your ‘area’ some TLC. 😉


Was recommended this bikini brush and Fuzz’ very own Skin Perfecting Body Scrub to make sure my skin all over is soft and smooth. Winter can be a real stress on your skin so it’s important to take good care of it.

I hardly write this kind of ‘intimate’ stuff so if you have any questions I didn’t answer, please ASK! If you wanna give it a go, book online at Fuzz Wax Bar and say I sent you. You can find Fuzz Wax Bar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; hashtag #FuzzVajacial.

Thanks Olena and NKPR for twisting my arm and thank you Jessica and Florence for the goodies. I’ve finally worked up the courage to go for a Brazilian!