Hey Ho Holidays! Wig out, Wear a Onesie, Smile!

Hey Ho Holidays! Wig out, Wear a Onesie, Smile!


We had Sean’s holiday party 1188 x Revolver Films X Bon Bon Mag on Thursday last week and come Friday I was so tired. This weekend I was getting ready to host a few friends over for a holiday hangout & secret Santa. We set up a photo booth and it was so much fun. Nothing like good times with great friends. I’ll have photos from both soon.

Stopped into Philistine on Queen West, one of my fav stores. They burn these great cedar incense that remind me of the cottage each time I walk in. They have a huge selection of clothes, accessories, and I’ve snagged a few goodies from the sale rack.


Spotted these tea cups at The Bristol at The Great Hall. Picked up meat pies for everyone at 1188 last the other day and thought they were so pretty.


This art had been on the wall here for a while now. Makes me think about how much I’ve grown/changed. There’s been some neat experiences the last few years that have really shaped the person I am now. This is a bit of a ramble post. I blog to remember so it’s important I write things down, ok!


Painted some pineapples and added glitter for my table display this weekend, Thanks Pinterest! Here’s a good article about Pinterest vs Real Life. It’s what happened when a woman tried to live the ‘Pinterest life’ for a week. Some learns, some fails, very exhausting.


This was me at the end of the party on Sunday. Wig out, wearing a onesie with a smile. I’m pretty excited to see my family over the holidays too, Mum is hosting about 30 for Christmas dinner. It’s gonna be awesome!

I went to the Shangri-La spa last week and it was amazing. Writing that post now so brb!



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