Do You Pin or Tumble? iBoth.

I have 18 Pinterest boards and follow over 800 blogs on Tumblr. They are excellent ways to keep your mind fresh with ideas and inspire creativity. Last night I updated the cover photos on each of my Pinterest boards. I think they look so pretty now. Something I realllly love seeing is brands who use these well. They are great ways to visualize content and show creativity.

I also blogged some style photos on my Tumblr, OH CASIE. I’ve had that thing for years. I love it. Some great high fashion, constant gifs, and weird wonderful things. I have about 10 tumblr blogs but I don’t update them all, yet. Since I started blogging in 2005 I’ve started and stopped SO MANY blogs. My fav one I still update here and there is borderline artistic on blogspot, my drawing blog.



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