do you have any religious views?

I’m not into the conformity of religion. I despise people when think going to church forgives all your nasty things like being a jerk, bad parenting, littering, and douchebaggery.

I grew up with the influence of be kind, give, share, smile, love, happiness.  Basically, that is how I live my life, be kind, love yourself [you are awesome!] and help others where you can, inspire and be inspired by thoughts & things. I had/have very loving parents and a am an older sister. I got to teach things to her growing up and  also learn from her.   She was my everything growing up, me & Jenie we like peas and carrots.

The closest I ever came to religion was studying Kabbalah for a couple years, it changed my life. I have a tattoo on my right wrist of a hai [life in Hebrew] with a pink heart. It is on the right wrist as that works with my circular flow of energy [Left to Right], and in my mind, stamps all my thoughts and feelings coming outward with “love life”.  [And you wondered why I was so happy all the time!] That is my religion, loving life. Many of the teachings I learned from Yehuda Berg, my Rabbi Moshe Yogev and my friends at the centre have greatly influenced my life. I shifted my level of consciousness during that time, I changed how I viewed the world, people, objects, my outlook on life.

I believe strongly that giving is its own gift, once you give, that in itself is a gift, therefore you have already received. The greatest happiness in my at the moment is seeing those around me succeed, helping them achieve, and inspiring others.

I’ve gotten some great emails lately and honestly, I love hearing from you. There’s so many  peeps, I feel I kinda know but haven’t  actually met.  Someday, I’d LOVE to go on tour and visit you all [Especially Jeanne in LA & Two Belt/E1E in Boston]. I put some new guys in to my sketch book this weekend and let me tell ya…borderline artistic is BACK.

Enjoy the day! LOVE LIFE

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  1. e1e
    March 23, 2010 / 1:25 am

    YES! YES!Go on a Casie Stewart tour!We would love to have you back in Beantown! Two belt may have a business trip coming up that will bring him to Toronto.

  2. March 23, 2010 / 1:31 am

    Omfg. No waaaaaaay! Maybe you come too??

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