Day 249: Behind The Gram!

This week I had a shoot in the city and it was so fun! I was at the Influence Agency studio where we shot an episode of their Behind The Gram series, Holiday Edition. I’m excited to share it with you next month!

The shoot was covid-safe (obvs!) and so much fun. As soon as I saw Brigitte we did a happy dance. I miss seeing friends and doing stuff like this. I wore my fav beret from Hayley Elsassaer I got last winter and this super-soft cashmere shirt from mum.

When I got home I started listening to Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey on Audible. It’s so good. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks when I’m running. I love the way he talks, his cadence, accent, inspiration. Highly recommend. This quote is from part one ‘Outlaw Logic’.

“I’d rather lose money having fun than make money being bored.”

Matthew McConnahey of his dads quote