Day 219: Inspire Your Drive

These days it can be hard to find inspiration. I’ve always had a knack for finding it in the little things by showing gratitude for them, a sunny day, beautiful leaves, a fav song on the radio, or a nice long solo drive. I’ve never owned a car so when I get to borrow one from a major manufacturer it’s an exciting time.

This past week I picked up car from MINI Canada (Countryman SE ALL4) with all-wheel drive in one of their new colours. I’ve loved MINI my whole life, a few years ago I took a solo trip to LA and cruised around in a convertible MINI Cooper for the week. It was heaven, I didn’t even mind the traffic!

Since we’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation, it was really helpful to have my own car to pop out and get supplies from the paint store or Home Depot. I also took this as an opportunity to support local and actually pick up orders from local restaurants, instead of getting delivery. The entire time I had this car I took every opportunity to drive it. Friend needs a ride? I’ll drive you! We need something from the store? I’ll go get it!

MINI Countryman: Favourite Features

Besides being fun to drive in the city or on the highway, the MINI Countryman has an ALL 4 All-Wheel Drive System and was great on gas.

  • lots of room inside the vehicle or in the trunk. Great little family car!
  • Easy Opener for the back means you can swipe your foot under the bumper, and voila, the door opens!
  • The rear camera makes parking or backing up a sinch.
  • Apple CarPlay, is great for Audible, music, directions, or using Siri while driving. Safety first!
  • I love the newly designed Union Jack tail lights and the adaptive headlights that help you to see around corners.

To learn more about the MINI Countryman or other models, visit Big thank you goes out to for MINI Canada for letting me borrow this sweet little ride. Next time I’m planning to test out the new MINI Cooper Electric!

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