Cannon Dolls in the Nutcracker w/ The National Ballet of Canada

Do you know the story of the Nutcracker? The little boy & girl and the Nutcracker toy, they go to sleep, the Nutcracker grows to life size and comes alive with the other toys and it’s all very magical. Almost as magical is being on stage in The Nutcraker with the National Ballet of Canada after you’ve dreamed of it your whole life. Add on having Mum, Steve & sister there to watch, double magic.

We had a breif rehearsal in the studio. Watched our part, learned the plan, practiced a bit.


There were ballerinas everywhere. Concentration happening here.


The REAL Peter/Nutcracker, amazing dancer. Buff and masculine. (Casting deets)


Sam learning where to walk on stage from dance instructor. Audience was out there. HI MUM!


This was cool to me.


Get ready time.


This brings me back so many memories. I did ballet for 1/3 of my life, those formative years cast a long impression. It was always a dream leave the studio and go to the National Balle, also the only reason I ever fantasized about moving to Winnipeg.


Backstage jitters? Nah. All good.


We do not have a video of it. Kate’s sister was there and said we were great. Wearing doll cheeks is really fun. I kept them on all night. Used the new Nikon to take a bunch of these shots.


Our whole part was over before we knew it and we’re ready to do it again. Time on stage was about 3.5 minutes.

You can’t even see the audience with all the bright lights in your face. I love that feeling.

There were over 2,000 people in the audience. It was so much fun, have I said that yet?. Mum’s told me a zillion times how great it was, said she’s “spellbound”. I didn’t know that she’d never seen The Nutcracker by the National Ballet. Jenie, Mum, Steve & Sammy and I went for dinner first too which was great.

I want to take ballet again.

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