it’s sunday and i totally don’t wanna make a huge deal about it

My birthday is May 8th (Sunday) and I always do something really fun with friends. This year, I’m breaking the mold and having a party online! Kinda 😉

I’m saving the hippity-hooplah I usually cook up for a gun-blazing-rager next year when  I turn 30.

I know I know, I look so young and cute! How could it possibly be? Me almost 30, I know it’s hard to believe. Stop, please. I’m blushing. You guys are so sweet, seriously, I LOVE YOU.

To be honest, there’s only one thing I want this year and he’s 11″ of skinny, sexy, silver beauty.

Instead of a big party or buying me drinks perhaps you will consider donating to a better cause. Me switching teams! NO MORE PC.

I want to get a Macbook Air and rumor has it the thunderbolt update is coming next month. Your donation will not be published but it WILL go directly to the fund for my soon to be new boyfriend, an 11″ Macbook Air.

Join the party! Buy me a beer on Guestlist.

P.S. It was my blog’s birthday last week April 27th!

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