we found love… and by we, I mean me and the sea

  • hey there little monkey, you are cutie cute cute
  • Weekend Tune: “Help A Bro Out (M-O-V-E-M-B-E-R)” by The Elwins: We interrupt… http://t.co/D4eDO18D #thisismylife #
  • Photo: last beach day in CR http://t.co/7JhNpVqt #
  • Photo: Mantra. http://t.co/EoPBSyUZ #
  • leaving Costa Rica tomorrow but it appears another trip is in my near, near future! #
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Woke up to this beauty beach view and went for brekky… http://t.co/FtBFThuY #thisismylife #
  • Weekend tune by Kate Killet this week is ALL about MOVEMBER>… http://t.co/Gog92T0f #
  • I’m gonna miss the jungle forrest.
    Back to concrete jungle tomorrow 🙁
    http://t.co/1sPrfv7t http://t.co/DMhvVsuP #
  • having lunch in the jungle http://t.co/3Tn5PM3B #
  • http://t.co/rKUl7iqR http://t.co/gZUwb2vB #
  • There’s Magic in the Air, Pura Vida!: Went on a gorgeous sailing trip this week… http://t.co/3Dr7CZ5u #thisismylife #
  • there are litte monkeys behind me right now, and i mean real monkeys like white faced little furry ones. so cute. #
  • After leaving jungle in Montezuma I went to Liberia but now back in San Jose. #costacasie #puravida #
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