When opportunity knocks? I’m waiting by the door.

Well, here we go packed and ready for a week of two cities, two climates, two time zones and two conferences.


It’s a beautiful day to fly and my sister is coming to meet me for brekky then wisk me off to YYZ for afternoon takeoff. Luggage packed carefully last night. Layers and all the same colour scheme to accommodate the many activities.


I’m really not sure why I need two cameras but I’m testing the new Nikon and the Olympus is my baby. Now that I have iPhone I hardly use my camera. I took, edited and am posting all this from it now. THE FUTURE.



All that stuff goes in my purse for easy access. My passport photo always gets a giggle cause I’m wearing bright red lipstick with a bow in my hair.

I love this painting. It’s the last thing I see before going out the door. The title is “keep this one” and it was done by Hinto in 2008.



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