ultimate hipster activities

With respect to Steve Jobs, my fav Apple ad of all time. “Here’s to the crazy ones…”

I raised a glass to him last night. Happy I switched to Apple before his passing. iSad.

This morning I went the Direct Energy Centre for the mega huge American Apparel warehouse sale. HUGE sale.

Met the legend behind American Apparel Dov Charney there too. He chatted to Sabrina & I outside 🙂 #hipsterwin

Tomorrow night Scottie hottie Ross aka HAL KILMER is DJ at The Gladstone Hotel.

I’m going with a bunch of peeps. Come out & dance with us. Ross made this mix especially for you my blog loving friends. I’ve been listening while I make this blog stew.

Pop Kult! Mix by Hal Kilmer

Gonna vote, meet Sam for lunch & prep for my talk tonight at Workplace One. There’s about a hundred people coming. Woot.


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