yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah! i am nude no more!

Dear Threadless, I’m Casie & I love you.

Today after a meeting I came back my desk to find a lovely little t-shirt shaped package from Threadless. They are having a huge sale and I ordered a few goodies. I love getting mail. Their packaging is adorable, it arrived fast and prices can not be beat. Also, you are more likely to have unique clothes than the other kids who pick up their stuff at wanna-be hipster retail chains. Here’s my new goodies. I got two shirts that glow in the dark too. Yahoooooooooooots!

things in my room

When I was last home visiting Mum I came across an old journal of mine from when I was eleven. To read it is simply divine. I am happy to relive my own life through it. My writing style is similar and my attitude is the same. I will post some excerpts from it one of these days!
Also in my room is this lovely photo of Audrey and a quote I admire. It from a book by Genevive Antoine Dariaux called A Guide to Elegance: For Every Woman Who Wants to Be Well and Properly Dressed on All Occasions. It’s a great read and contains everything from accessories to zippers in a classic & elegant style. I discovered it reading Elegance by Kathleen Tessaro, also a great chic lit book.

fashionable by choice

Last night I went to the Escada fashion show at the Spoke Club. It was fun. The clothes were nice. Nothing stood out to make me REALLY excited. The models were skinny as usual. It was really nice to be at the Spoke again after such a long winter. It made me excited for summer! I saw familiar faces including Tony Charr, Julian & Derek.

We had a really nice time. Our bartender was making these lovely cocktails with fresh crushed raspberries. It was delicious.

Escada Toronto Fashion Week 2009 from Casie Stewart on Vimeo. I made a mistake on this video and the audio is longer than necessary. Forgive, for I am only a human!

didn’t over do it

I was successful. I feel good about it.
Didn’t eat too much or spend money that I didn’t have (as people often do!). I had a great time over the holidays. I managed to make it home to see my parents and spend a meal with each one. I got to hang with a bunch of the hometown crew. I miss them quite dearly.

Found this in the basement which I wore for half the day:
Did some artsy stuff on Christmas Day waiting for dinner:
I ran into an old friend…
Made a shirt for friend who spent a
little too much time at the Drake recently:

I made all my cards for family and friends this year as I have before. It’s so much better to do it that way. I also hunted around for some gorgeous vintage scarves that were carefully packaged up for my friends. It’s lovely when they open the present knowing that I made the card and a special effort to give them something I know they will love.

I went shopping on boxing day and we had a total riot. Shopping with mum and sister is the best. We seem to have this way about us that we laugh and laugh and laugh and forget that there is even anyone else around. We all found this great mod dress and all tried it on. The other people in the store were having a good chuckle and after seeing the photo, I reckon you will too.

I found a real jem, these vintage boots that fit me perfect. It’s great having small feet for vintage shoes. It’s rare to find big sizes in amazing boots. Well, that’s my experience. Check out these babies. Oooh yeah.

nice…um, chest.

I like it very much so.

thanks betsy

My darling love, Ms. Betsy J. is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with an undisclosed retailer. Yahooooooooooooooooo! She’s reducing costs on her next runway show and creating a recession proof line of clothes that are more affordable for kids like us.