is mobile the future?

Posted this using WP Mobile app from the Android shop on my Motorola Milestone from Telus. Pretty happy with it. I can’t choose justification or edit the photos but overall, pretty good.  Chrome wont let me make these images bigger. There’s no formatting on mobile and images default to the top of the post.  I’m gonna try mobile posting a bit more this week.

I post via mobile to Tumblr, Posterous, Youtube,, Facebook and obviously Twitter. Why not wordpress too?

I also downloaded Google Chrome today and think my blog be lookin’ sexy in it. Enjoy my little story.

There was a girl who loved to take photos, of herself mostly. She would take photos all day posting them freely about the internet. She could do this ALL DAY  as it didn’t matter WHAT was happening NOTHING made her happier than sharing. One fine day, she was in the park and had made several attempts to get a certain shot on her little camera. A boy who looked like a hipster came over to her smiled and offered to help.  She thought his ‘skiddy’ look was kinda cute so when he asked to take her picture, she smiled, handed over the camera and said ‘ok sure’.

She turned around to move back a few steps and the fucker ran away with her CAMERA! He WASN’T a hipster, or a hippy, he was HOMELESS.

She cried all the way home wondering how the hell she was gonna post photos all day now! Good thing she had a sweet phone. The End.

story: twitter saved the day

I recently tweeted a message asking if anyone knew someone at HP because I had a complaint to lodge. I was ready to rage. Several minutes after my message was out in the world I got an email from someone at HP who is in charge of client relations and prompted me to contact them to state my case.We had purchased a $300 HP scanner that would not work with Vista and wasn’t what we needed. Plain & simple. I waited on the phone for an hour once before getting cut off, 3 weeks passed before I could find the time to ring them again. When I did, the CSR said we couldn’t return itfor an upgrade or different model (past 30 days). She did tell me HP had a program coming out in a few months where I could return it so I would just have to wait. I was like WTF? Are you serious?
Well, through some magic and my charm, HP sent a waybill and took our scanner back and now we have a new one that is about $200 more, without paying any extra or shipping. It can scan a ton of pages on auto and is much quieter. It has a special add on thingy to scan negatives too. My rep at HP is named Carl and he is very nice and helpfull. Nice one Carrrrrrrrrrrllll! Thanks HP!