Toronto Pride 2013

Toronto Pride 2013




Toronto Pride was a blast on Sunday. Danced in the street, had some drinks, and saw heaps of familiar faces. Ran into my sister on Church!


Met a lovely deaf couple on a patio and fully had a conversation. It was nice to put my sign language skills to use. My ASL used to be pretty good but when you don’t use it, you lose it.


This lovely boy on the left is my friend from Ted Baker’s 25th birthday party.


Renaldo and I have photos from the last few years at Pride. Always with the great outfits!


Love these outfits. Want one. Do NOT love his shoes. Those things creep me out.


These animals really creeped me out.


The rest of the photos below are less safe for work so this is your warning! Hope you had a lovely long weekend.

Much love and light,


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