Last Min Gift Idea! You Can’t Go Wrong w/ Stylish EyeWear

New glasses! You like? They’re YSL! A gift to myself from I was invited to pick out a pair from their gift guide and these new YSL babies were my choice. I absolutely LOVE great eyewear. I choose fast shipping and they arrived in 2 business days. A great gift idea if you are one of those people who leaves everything to the last minute! You have Friday, Monday, Tuesday, get on it! If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be!) or have been looking at my photos for a while, you’ll notice my vast collection of great shades. I’ve moved on from a stylish box to an entire drawer in my wardrobe, you can never have too many! If you’re still looking to treat someone special (even yourself!) check out the gift guides for women and men from Smart Buy Glasses and pick fast shipping to get them in time for Christmas. You can also order a gift card to be shipped same day. I’ll be wearing my new sunnies from now till summer. Even at night. I love them! 🙂 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! <3 CASIE  

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