facebook camp: connect, connect, connect

Last night I went to FB Camp. There were lots of people there. I was with some of my favorites. It was interesting, I wouldn’t say I learned alot but I did find value in it.
FB has an interesting yet simple competitive advantage over other social networks; everyone is on Facebook. This gives Facebook power as a marketing tool for smaller networks or businesses that want to leverage the power of FB and use that to expand their business using FB Connect.

fatty tuesday, what’s for lunch?

I’m wondering what to have for lunch today. We get catered lunched in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so today, it’s all about me and whatever I want. I’ve been trying to avoid eating McDonalds as I have been eating it religiously my whole life. Lucky enough, I’m still mini.
I’m a big pho lover traditionally but when I went home for family day I had a really bad pho at Ben Thahn in Cambridge and I’m just not feeling it. I ordered the wrong one and it had nasty meat parts that I can’t describe. That’s what you get for not REALLY reading the menu.

Tonight I’m going to Facebook Camp Toronto 5 at Mars. I’m interested to hear how Twitter will be brought up, if at all. Although, I can’t imagine it just not coming up. I wonder what I might learn?

This is my date @shawnhawaii. He is the coolest.

be inspired and start creating

I am constantly inspired to keep on writing and putting my stuff out there. As more and more people come into the Wonderful World of Casie I find that a positive light shines on us all!

I was tagged in the following note on Facebook today and very touched.
It says:

“Inspired by this great lady tagged in this note I decided to create a blog. I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while, but never realized how easy this was. well I am quite happy with this decision. mucho gracias”

Stay tuned for Inna’s blog. I’ve been reading her notes on FB for some time and am truly excited for her new writing space! Congrats girl!!

that’s a scary thought

I was on Facebook this morning and I saw this pic in Armand Diego‘s album “NYC: Outsiders NY, VMAN party and the KOOL AID MAN”. Scarrrry thought. I’m considering being Sara Palin Zombie. I bet that would be a little too scary and I’d rather not give her the satisfaction of having me be her. Not that she would ever know or care but if I put it on the internet she could see it and comment on it. What if ‘Casie the Zombie Palin‘ became the new ‘Joe the Plumber‘.

Like, seriously, am I really ready for that. Is she? Is anyone? I don’t think so. But…to
morrow is another day that is part of Halloween Week in the Wonderful World of Casie.
I just found this out. Todd Mitchell Palin (born September 6, 1964)[3] is an American oil field production operator and the current First Gentleman (self-styled “First Dude”)[4] of Alaska. He has taken some college courses but does not have a degree. Gregg Erickson, columnist for the Anchorage Daily News, said that Palin “obviously plays an important role … I’ve seen him in the governor’s office, and I know she’s conducted interviews in the governor’s office with him present.” Mr. Palin is copied on e-mails dealing with official state business. He helped write the state budget, has been involved in personnel matters, and has called lawmakers when he or his wife have disagreed with what they have done.” Check Wikipedia.