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99 Luftballons, Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont

It’s been windy as in Toronto this year. I can’t rememeber it ever being THIS windy.  It’s the first of June and yesterday afternoon was a measly temperature somewhere around…bloody cold.  Tahnee, Beans (Sabrina) and I went for a lovely little jaunt in the wind which turned out to be quite an adventure. tahnee-street-meat

there was something in the air and on the ground…

that’s not my computer from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.

is she yours, yes, she’s mine

I love this scene in Closer. Natalie Portman is a favorite of mine. In this movie she moves me.  She plays this girl, so mysterious and naughty yet childlike and carefree. This is the only movie that has ever made me have strong feelings for at least two days after seeing it in theatres. The relationships between the characters are real and crowded with mixed messages. They are allso strong but weak at the same time. Pulling their feelings from one another and back to where they used to be.

It’s my most favorite at 4:37 when she  says “Where is this love?  I can’t see it,  I can’t touch it.  I can’t feel it.  I can hear it.  I can hear some words, but I can’t do anything with your easy words.”  I used to watch Closer over and over. So many times  I found comfort in her honesty, the way she could just just let herself  be so open and vulnerable.  Meanwhile,  the whole time she was really just hiding. shirt

omg, i like totally LOVE walking

I’m just about to head off to Metro Hall to meet my team of Social Media Superheroes for the World Patrnership Walk. It’s nice out. It’s Sunday.


Come walk with me. If you’re not coming, maybe you wanna donate to a good cause? Donating will also make me look cooler when they say how much everyone raised. This is my outfit.

the poutine paper tummy tale

I am posting this as fair warning that you should really be more careful when eating AFTER drinking.  I was at Kitchen then Cadillac Lounge on Queen last night. Kitchen – music was HORRIBLE and we busted outta there before the night took over.  I felt like I was back at a grade 8 dance.  I was hoping to catch @tswizz and the #hypercube meetup at Caddy but the staff seemed clueless as to what I was talking about.  Not to worry, we had fun.paper2

I’ve been craving poutine since last weekend and then I got one. However, the paper got caught up in the fork, gravy, cheese and fries and ended up in my tummy. I was grossed out but I guess it won’t hurt too much. Be careful when eating! That is all I have to say about that. paper

I’m going to Toronto Roller Derby tonight. I’ve never been before. It looks really rough, I’d never want to be a roller derby. I fall over enough on my own feet, nevermind on wheely shoes.

Real women. Real hits. Real Heart.  I say, real awesome. subway

wow, you’re all so good looking

The other day I had a lovely evening with some of TO’s best bloggers.  I’m quite happy to be included in the best and would have been really pissed if I wasn’t.  Seriously.  It was really awesome to meet the other blog kids, most of whom I only know from le internet.  I was surprised to really see how different we all are. Each person brings to the mix a different perspective on life and a different creative process of putting it online through their blog. bloggers2

This is a pic of a few of them, you can see more of the Toronto local bloggers on Flickr. From left to right I have Vanessa from Vaneska.com, Ted Healy from Dead Robot, Sean Ward, Lisa Charleyboy from UrbanNativeGirlStuff, Raymi The Minx, and of course yours truly.

bloggers3We had Julian Brass of Notable TV there documenting the evening as we build Toronto’s first Top bloggers network. There is so much opportunity for advertisers to reach Toronto’s people through our blogs that get read by thousands of cool TO people and HEAPS of others around the world. If you want to chat about opportunities don’t hesitate to leave comment or contact me.  I’m stoked about where this is heading!! My dream of being a full time blogger WILL come true!

Andrew Lewis has some good pix of us all.  Nice one of me here.