there’s a club house they hang out at

I’ve made friends with a couple peeps at The Musebox a record label that stems from Vice Mag who rep a heap of cool indie bands.  The coolest things about it being their friend is that I get to hear about all kinds of cool shiz before anyone else does and tickets to events. june 15 020-1I recently watched a vid of the Cancer Bats at the Adrift Club house right here in lovely TO.  My friend Justin was recently in NZ, AUS and UK. I snagged this guy from his FB album, that’s him on the right with the dirt stash and sneeky smile.

batsI got hooked up with tickets to go see Patrick Wolf and some other hipster bands for the Nylon Magazine Summer Music tour tomorrow night. It’s gonna be a fun time.  Sabrina’s my date already, sorry. twocrown

I have  another friend by the name of  Sean Goodchild. He is total babe and a very talented. We went to high school together and he was rocking it then and he is also rocking now.  I hope Mum remembers him when she reads this. He used to do an amazing Stomp show when we had the school talent thingy.  His new band is called Two Crown King. His voice makes me swoon. I was listening on myspace and I was taken back to when  I used to dream he was singing to me in high school.

One more thing,  if you don’t know it yet, I heart you online.

island adventure guy

I had a stellar weekend. It was super sunny and I made the most of it. On Saturday I went to the island with Raymi , Phil and friends. Lots happening on the island on a lovely Saturday. There were heaps of kids in interesting costumes. I wanted to get close to take their photos but didn’t bother.  I’ll just keep those memories to myself. There’s  an art installation that plays music when you bike. We found it to be quite fun. The island it really pretty. I haven’t been for ages. Next time I’ll take my bike for sure. There’s a zillion photos from the whole day.raymi

june 12 13 107

This is the art work out, good thing Raymi got it on video so you can enjoy reliving the excitement.

There’s more photos Raymi’s blog. She posted yesterday. I slacked off and made a nice dinner for friends and avoided the internet. june 12 13 122The ferry ride back to the mainland is way more fun once you’ve spent the afternoon in the sun drinking beer. We all went back to my house for some pizza and swimming. It was great.


yeah, i’m totally an expert

Today I Mastermind in MaRSanxiety

Social Mastermind brings together a diverse mentor network of social media strategists, marketing specialists, advertising gurus, and public relations experts (ME) to help put together the foundations of a viable and impactful campaign.

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it’s good be a crazy cool kiwi girl

About two yearsago I worked at Hemingways, a Kiwi pub in Toronto or a couple months.I was working away on the patio one night and had been watching Conchords on HBO non-stop for about a month. It was On Demand andI could not get enough of it.

I saw this one guy who had the most uncanny resemblance to Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords. At the same time,  I had also been checking out this cute boy who looked kinda like Brett Mackenzie, also from FOTC. I always have a thing for those cute ones that have the Sam Roberts hair. Seperately, I told them about FOTC, at the time it was a hilarious Kiwi show that hardly anyone had heard of. The were both nice and said  ‘ok, sounds kinda cool’ but I needed evidence. I rounded them up like sheep and got them together for a pic. Totally awesome. First pic is the real ones and the other two pictures are the fakes. They look just like ’em!