adventure time

Friday good so far. Had a nice breakfast, nap and did my nails extra pretty. Looking springy with the pink & green favorites. I’m off to AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). Nothing like having a free day to do what you like and go to the gallery! I’m planning on checking out this one again. He’s a man on a box on the top floor. I like it. I’d love a box painting of me in a cool pose. Enjoy your afternoon!!

button eye face

For the past hour I’ve been in a fantasy world on There are some interesting things in that world. I travelled into ‘Other Mother’ territory and buttoned my eyes shut. I made a brand new flower design in the magical garden and called it Casie Stewart. You can watch the trailer here. On the surface, this parallel reality is eerily similar to Coraline’s real life, yet the people seem much better. It comes out Feb.6th.

Who’s the ‘Buy Nothing’ dummy?

Who, honestly WHO…

Picked the biggest shopping day of the year to be ‘Buy Nothing Day”. It makes a mockery of the concept. How about having it on any other day, not during Christmas time so that people can actually say “Hey, I’m going to make a conscious effort to buy nothing today and make a difference.” Instead, Nov.28, Black Friday is Buy Nothing Day in North America. the rest of the world gets it tomorrow, November 29, the biggest shopping day AFTER Black Friday. Like DUH?

What the eff were you thinking? To me, I think it makes the whole idea behind decreasing consumerism and purchasing crap into a big joke.