mail is great, especially when it has style

I love getting mail. Makes me happy. I mean real old fashioned snail mail. The kind mum sends in the summer when she’s sailing on her boat and abandons the internet. The kind with stamps.

The only people who really send me mail are mum and companies that want me to test out, chat about, review their stuff. I get all my packages delivered to my office because I love when they get dropped off at my desk and the girls go ‘oooooooh what did you get this time’ and it makes me feel even happier to get it. This year I have been given subscriptions to Wired (totally love the most) and Flare (props to Canada). Flare arrived this week. Getting mags for free and delivered is much more fun than buying them. I like this section on of stuff. I buy alot of vintage stuff and this is ‘stylespiration‘. Yes, that is a word, I just added it to the Urban Dictionary.

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