I really hope I see you again, but in case I don’t, have a nice life.

I was thinking about a line from The Sweetest Thing, Christina says “Don’t go looking for “Mr. Right”, just go looking for “Mr Right Now”.” I’m wondering why there is never a middle ground. How come one you meet someone and hang out a few times it is only a matter of time before the ‘awkward talk’. Both not looking for a ‘relationship’ but without saying it you become satisfied with less than stellar results and that awkward, unknown ground where you’re never sure where you stand “Do I call?” , “Should I leave a message?” It is just ridiculous. After dating, or being satisfied with Mr. Right Now, I find myself with an urge to drop out of the scene and stop meeting. It’s boring, draining, and it doesn’t take long to lose its luster. Dating, mating, whatever you call it, its a game and I’m done playing. I’m better off spending more time alone.

EDIT: Maybe this is all because I’m not feeling so hot about the scene right now. I remember a friend telling me something about though we are all human and can have insecurities, your first few dates with somebody are not the time to let those worries show their ugly heads. Come to the date in a confident mindset and focus on topics that make you comfortable. Or, so recommends DatingPilot, that’s what I read on their site. It makes sense, but all I know that if the relationship is meant to be, there will be a time and place to show your vulnerabilities, and the right person will be there to help create balance to your weaknesses. Maybe I should keep at it and hope that comes soon.

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