Here We Go! Weight Off My Shoulders ??

Here We Go! Weight Off My Shoulders ??

Sitting in the waiting room with my sister. An hour from now I’ll be in surgery. I can’t wait to have new boobs and ditch some of this weight! I’m looking forward to this all being over and starting a new workout regime in a couple weeks. I’ll be able to wear cute workout clothes for once! And only 1 bra!

In other news, someone’s dad decided the waiting room for surgery was a great place to listen to all the different bird sounds from a bird watching website. I politely asked him to get headphones or stop. I’m in hospital clothes (he wasn’t) so I feel like I can do that rn.

Please be mindful and remind your parents about mobile phone etiquette, switch to vibrate in hospitals and just about any other public place. Deff don’t play loud music or God forbid every bird sound on the Internet.

Ok, catch you on the flip side. Looking forward to Casie 3.0, lite. ??➡️??

They’re gonna call me any minute!

Update: I’m ok! Everything went well. I’m waiting for Sean to pic me up now. It’s a bit hard to read things on my phone or type. I’m on paid meds including Oxy so I’m a bit loopy! The boobs are swollen but they’re so much smaller! I’m so glad I did this!