you can’t start a fire without a spark

You get older every day, here’s to a new year! Exciting!

Celebrate Sister! She came and helped mama clean her room. Best. Present. Ever!

Oh, Tower. Love shots from this spot in the park. So fun.

Thank you for the pretty flowers my friends. ILU.

Special number is 8 ( 4 and 2 also).

An interesting sight to see! There’s always something going on down by the bay lake.

Keri is my BFF (her blog) and she is the best bff everrr. She got me a few goodies including a balloons & a water gun!

Gun is for glitter water. BEWARE. Gllitter tissue paper! Weeeeee.

This special guy & roll on glitter too. It’s about to get serious.

Wore a vest Mum made out for dinner last night. We went to O NOIR. This crazy awesome resto where you dine in the dark.

I’m talking 100% pitch black where the servers are BLIND. It was really fun. The food was good, best part was the experience. I could not see a thing.  All of a sudden your other senses became so important; touch, taste, hearing, smell. I suggest going with someone you already know/like.

Start this at 1:20. So good.

8 roses for a special lady born on May 8th. Thank you 🙂

New graffiti since yesterday.

Remember: You are younger today than you will ever be.

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