You’re the closest Asteroid to my heart.

I’ve been waiting for today forever (no not because it’ll be 2028 before and asteroid of this size comes close to earth) because  today I’m getting an iPhone. I think it will make my life better like Andy & James Dean have. Maybe that’s silly but ny netbook has been sleeping for months. 

WSJ: Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth Tuesday

Astronomers are tracking an asteroid about the size of an aircraft carrier that on Tuesday will pass by Earth, within the moon’s orbit, in the closest approach of such an object in a generation.

The 1,300-foot-wide asteroid, known as 2005 YU55, poses no hazard, experts at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said.

I’m also excited about the Elton John ballet “Love Lies Bleeding” tonight. It’s a rock ballet featuring 14 Elton John songs performed by the Alberta Ballet. Lauren and I are going with Sam & Ross. I’m pretty sure it’s the world premiere!

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