A Time and Place Story

Maybe I’m stupid for writing this down but last night I came home frustrated after paying to go to a sound meditation that was the opposite of relaxing. I was really hoping it would be like the sound bath I went to in LA earlier this year. That amazing experience changed me for the better and I’ve been a little bit different ever since. Last night was NOT what I was hoping for. Given one detail, it would have been great but something happened….

I don’t think I’m wrong for feeling this way?

I was really looking forward to last night after a particularly emotional day, hoping to calm my thoughts and body. BUT IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO RELAX. There was a medium size dog walking around the room the whole time dinging a bell (tags) and going up to everyone’s face while they were laying on the floor. This is not the dog’s fault! It’s not about the dog! Dogs are dogs and that’s what dogs do! It’s not like a dog could get its own ticket and come by himself.

It would have been FINE if they SAID there was going be a dog or it was dog meditation or goats yoga or whatever! Or if everyone knew the dog already!

Consent is important.

Just try to imagine it was a person walking around making noise and putting their face in your face while you are laying on the floor trying to meditate in a new space with your eyes closed. (Some people might be into that but you would know what you’re getting into!)

I could not for the life of me concentrate or relax because I was listening to the dog walk in circles, worried he was going to come up to my face. I was nervous from the moment I walked in but totally thought the dog would be out of the laying down area. Maybe in the dog mediation section? I don’t know. Nothing against the dog I’m sure he is super cool but it was not the time or the place. My friend suggested to me that I should learn a little bit more about dogs at zooawesome.com to better understand their behavior so I know if and when the dog will jump up on me. But right at that moment I was still incredibly wound up.

I left stressed out and had a cry on my way home. The end. ?

This is was not the dog that was there but a cute dog at an old friends house!

The LA Soundbath was Guy Douglas and I’m considering going back to LA to go! So great!